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Africa is a beautiful continent with many different countries and cultures. However, many similarities can be found. There are a number of must-haves for an African interior that would fit into any setting. For example, an African interior does not necessarily have to have earth tones, but it can also be a light and white space. Many different types of materials, such as reed, wood, raffia, suit an African interior. You can add an African accent to all kinds of interiors. For example, you can dress up a modern interior with African accessories. By combining a light base with African fabrics and materials, you can still create a modern African interior.
Anyway, the following style elements should not be missing.

Handmade baskets
You see them everywhere: baskets. The African baskets are handmade and used for various purposes such as wall decoration, hang different types of baskets and sizes together and you have a beautiful “painting” on the wall of baskets. Baskets can also be used as storage. Such as laundry basket, toys, scarves function and thus make an African interior. Sometimes a basket with a plant or several baskets together can immediately give an African atmosphere.

The colors vary from warm earth tones to black and white. You can make a nice mix of colors by using a lot of red and warm tones. With this you create an African interior at home.

Patterns and prints
Cushions and throws made in Africa in different countries. With a cushion or plaid you can create a beautiful African style in your interior. Contrasting patterns steal the show in an African interior. Statues and masks In addition, masks and statues are an absolute must in an African interior.

Masks and statues
Masks and statues are undoubtedly the most famous African accessories for your home. Your African interior will not be complete without this element

In an African interior you can also choose to add some African furniture. For example, consider a chair made of wood or wicker or put a few wooden stools together and you will immediately see an African style emerge in your interior. These can be combined well with modern items, which ensures a warm whole.

Large images of African people, landscapes or animals always work very well to create an African interior. Pay close attention to the colors of the images so that they match the colors of the interior.

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