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Africa leaves a lasting impression on any person that has ever visited it. It certainly did for me.

I first encountered the incredible culture by doing volunteer work in Kenya and Tanzania. Add to this the overwhelming beauty of nature and I was smitten. Every trip to Africa remains fascinating because of the specific colours and smells, the music and the always cheerful people. This is also true for the products that they surround themselves with, which are created from what nature has to offer and are then handcrafted by the people themselves. This is how they make genuine everyday objects that are each unique.

Together with Marley Mwakanyamale, who is from Arusha, Tanzania, we often travel to let ourselves be surprised by the special handcrafted products that Africa has to offer. Marley has worked for Out of Africa since October 2015 and takes care of the storage, transport within Africa and to the Netherlands of all the products. Marley speaks Kiswahili and English and is thereby indispensable for all negotiations in Africa.

We hope you enjoy the products of Out of Africa just as much as we do.




a Touch of Africa – interieuradvies

Een interieurstijl dat  ‘Afrika ademt’, wordt bepaald door uw productkeuze en accessoires, maar zeker ook door het gebruik van specifieke kleurencombinaties, materiaalgebruik en typerende patronen. Dat dit ook heel goed mixed met andere stijlen laten een paar voorbeelden op mijn site al zien. Mocht u behoefte hebben aan een interieuradvies op maat, neemt u dan gerust contact met mij op voor het maken van een afspraak. Cecile Groels


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